Winter Training (English)
Date: Mardi, mars 21 @ 07:19:48 CET
Topic: Training

The winter training scheduled at Bevaix on March 11&12th had to be cancelled since the conditions where too chilly to even think to go on the water. Fortunately the conditions were good for the training scheduled on the next week-end, but only 2 teams shown up - RenÚ Betschen/Patrick Ducommun (SUI 8569) and Florian Stauffer/Philippe Jacot (SUI 8729). The 2 other local teams could not do it for illness reasons. No others teams shown up.


Saturday we had a perfect East wind starting at 1-2 Beaufort to finnish in the 3-4 range. It allowed us to have an efficiient training session, finnishing nearly in the dark. Both boats have validated number of new fittings and set-ups, installed and elaborated during the winter. The speed of the 2 boats where extremely close, and we have one more time experienced how important is practice in 505. Every mm in the jib sheet or every fraction of degree in helming result in loss or gain in this incredibly sensistive boat.

Sunday the wind dopped completely and we have taken the opportunity of a beautifull spring day to refine anything we could on the boats. CÚdric Bart/Ueli Marti (SUI 8543) and Marc Froidevaux/ValÚry Jacot (SUI 8612) have brought their boat too. We are now 4 competitive boats (all Duvoisin) at Bevaix, ready for weekly trainings. You are invited too.

Philippe Jacot

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